Brief : As part of a group we were tasked with helping to create a new celebrity endorsed whisky brand. The brand needed to be something that would be a good fit with the celebrity and match their ethos.
The celebrity we chose to build our brand around was Dua Lipa. She fitted what we wanted our whisky brand to be perfectly, young, vibrant and contemporary. Dua Lipa is know for her charity work and helping to bring the community of Kosovo together through her Sunny Hill Foundation. The drink would hence be launched at her festival, The Sunny Hill Festival.
Our drink was focused on sharing with friends. We were not selling a drink we were selling an experience that brings people together.
As part of the group, I was responsible for helping create the visual side of the brand. Particularly I solely contributed to the “Amica Pattern”, an abstract deconstruction of the world’s continents. this pattern was used on the bottle and the cans to visually show people coming together.
The pattern was even used on an instagram face filter, that Dua Lipa would use to help promote the event.

Amica Whisky Snapchat Filter

Custom Amica Instagram Face Filter

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