The Warriors Premier League is Scotland’s first & only Amateur Football League dedicated to facilitating better physical health and mental wellbeing for those bigger players.
Through my time at Appin Sports I was tasked with creating a fresh identity for the league to display the new sponsorship between the league and Appin.
I wanted to make sure that the new proposed identity was more refined. The previous iteration of the league's branding displayed a person of considerable weight kicking a football and I felt that was extremely distasteful.
My concept focused primarily on the symbolism of a warrior instead. The final marque that I arrived at consisted of a shield, a sword and the letter W. This was a much better approach and was well received by the client.
Examples of how brand assets that were created to create a strong and coherent brand.
Aswell as creating the overall brand of the AWPL, I was tasked with creating medals for the eventual league winners. This was planned up until the 2026/27 season and demonstrates the plans on how to refresh the branding each new season.
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