Football is the gateway for a lot of people who want to gamble / get into gambling. Advertisements, jersey sponsorships, and celebrity endorsements have virtually attached the gambling industry to our favourite sport, making the two seem inseparable.
Although football in this instance is proving to be a facilitator for harm, its power at a basic level possesses a great opportunity for social change. Research has shown that football has the capacity to not only improve people’s physical health but their mental health as well.
With all of this in mind what I am proposing is to create a framework for a community based football club: Chance United FC. The name of the club is a double edge meaning. Ultimately, gambling is a game of chance but this designed football club also represents a chance for change.
The football club would aim to create a less stigmatised environment for men and women who are experiencing gambling harm to talk to like-minded people about their issues and concerns and get the help they need.
The main focal point of the brand creation is the playing kit.
The kit itself is a damning piece highlighting just how poisonous a relationship football and gambling is.
Each slip on the shirt has a quote or statistic about gambling, highlighting just how fragile and destructive an addiction can be.
Aswell as the kit, a brand bible has been created.
This is an extensive publication that tells people more about the club.
An outlay of the origin story and an insight to how the brand was created is demonstrated whilst guidelines are set out to demonstrate how the branding should be used in future instances.
Aswell as the playing kits and brand bible, other CUFC branded items were produced such as a football and flags.
The following images show all the items coming together and how it was presented as part of an exhibition space.
Football has a lot of positive effects. It motivates, encourages, and entertains us. The beautiful game enriches our lives and takes us to places that no other activity can; it is important in many communities around the country and brings people from all walks of life together.

However, the game’s association with gambling is clearly contributing to a devastating epidemic of addiction and tragic loss of life. We cannot – and should not – continue to overlook this.
There is a chance for change.
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