Fiorentina are giving fans the opportunity to design their fourth kit for the 2022/23 season. My concept takes massive inspiration from the Italian Renaissance art movement as Florence is frequently named the “birthplace of the Renaissance”.
One of the shining examples of this movement is the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral situated in Florence. I wanted this to be the focal point of my design so with this in mind I created a detailed and ornate pattern that was heavily inspired by the building. The tiles of the pattern are inspired by the inside of the cathedral whilst the rectangular border trims are inspired by the outer facade of the building.
Furthermore, the colour red was chosen as the base colour to represent Florence’s coat of arms but also to represent Fiorentina’s original colours of red and white.
A structured grid was introduced to bring conformity to the design but also to work around the Viola’s new brand marque. This way the badge becomes a part of the design and fits seamlessly in to the pattern.
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