This was a live brief set by the Edinburgh based design studio Whitespace. This brief was completed as part of a pair. ⁣
⁣We had to create a branded TikTok hashtag challenge for George to introduce their clothing and website to a younger demographic.⁣
⁣TikTok is very audio driven, so we knew our song choice would be crucial. In the end, the 1991 hit by MC Lyte formed the basis of our challenge and was the origin behind our hashtag: #helloimgeorge⁣
⁣The story denotes the tale of somebody introducing themselves as George and our challenge focused on people disappearing and re-appearing figuratively as “George” stylised in items of clothing from George ASDA.
⁣A special tile filter would be activated when the person waves to show emphasis towards the outfit but also to show brand consistency from previous George images.⁣
⁣The challenge would start off with UK based influencers who would challenge their audience to take part and put their own twist on it.⁣

The name of our hashtag challenge: Hello I'm George

Utilising George's existing branding, the tile effect would play a part in our campaign.

The basis for the challenge, the 1991 hit by MC Lyte: Poor Georgie

An example of what the hashtag challenge would look like.

Another example of the challenge. Users can be as creative as they want, channeling the slogan: "Our Style, Your Way"

This shows how the challenge would be rolled out on the app. Top view ads would be used and the challenge would be rolled out through UK based influencers who possess an engaging audience.
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